Commercialisation nationale: Grant funding aimed at helping musicians from Quebec market their work across Canada. In 2018-19, over 2,800 Canadian artists, almost 450 groups and over 2,000 arts organizations received Canada Council grants. Music Grants Canada was founded in Fall 2013 to support, sustain and advocate for independent music artists and companies in Canada and to address critical gaps in … Live Performance: A grant designed to support artists with touring and showcasing their music in Canada and internationally. Click here to buy The Canadian Grant Writing Guide for Musicians! Demo Recording: TBA 2. Sound Recording Grant: Funding for sound recordings by Saskatchewan-based artists, including demos, singles, EPs, and full-length albums. Includes 150+ grants organized by category, region and deadline and includes eligibility and website links. Jo. Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA) Since 1949 the CMPA has ensured the views of music publishers working in Canada and its members are heard. $40K on But how important are those FACTOR profile ratings really? Recording Artist Touring Support Program: This grant helps Manitoban artists with performing outside of their hometown, both across Canada and internationally. Cultural Relations Individual Project Funding: A grant that financially supports artists who are invited to represent Alberta or Canada. Commissioned works and residencies: Funding designed to help artists create, release, and showcase their work. There’s a ton of organizations which provide financial support and assistance for the right proposal submitted to their programs. It’s designed to help more established artists that have a proven sales track record. Explore and Create: This grant is open to all artistic disciplines, including music. Arts Across Canada: This grant is designed to support artistic relationships across Canada. – Raise your profile Sound Recording: Grant money designated for recording projects based in New Brunswick. This book […], Placed in Blogs, How-To, Publishing, Resources, Tips, Tagged with Canada, DIY, FACTOR, Funding, Grant writing, Grants, Guide, how-to, Indie, Music. Consulting is billed at $45/hr or on monthly retainer. One of the goals of the grant is to help artists showcase their work through touring. Private studies are not included. It gives funding and opportunities for artists to travel and share their work with the world. I also assist Top 12 artists in authoring award-winning final reports to give that added competitive edge when completing the program. Music and Viral Video Fund: A grant designed to help Manitoban artists create engaging and viral video content. Grants are awarded in allotments between $5,000 and $15,000. It supports the research, development, creation, and production of work. Music Entrepreneur: This grant provides financial assistance to Canadian publishing firms, sound recording companies, and music industry national service organizations. Music Recording Production Fund For Out-Of-Province Artists: A grant designed to encourage those not from Manitoba to travel there for music industry purposes. Interested in Funding? […], Tagged with applications, elevator pitch, Funding, Grant writing, Marketing Plans, Music Industry, Resources, Hi Friends! Full Length Sound Recording: TBA Tour Support - This grant is ai… Production d’un album: Provides financial assistance to create an album. We can write your 100% custom-tailored marketing plan from scratch, guaranteed to show you have what it takes to utilize funding to its fullest! CANADA MUSIC FUND (CMF) Through the Department of Canadian Heritage This book will help you: If you’ve been thinking about applying for one of the upcoming grant deadlines this is your chance to work with a professional funding consultant and grant writer with over $2M raised for artists and companies across Canada. Arts Abroad: The Arts Abroad grant is designed to help bring Canadian arts and culture to an international audience. Independent Artists Program: Grant funding available to help artists pursue their creative work. Initiatives For Emerging Artists: Funding support to help develop new Quebec-based talent. Work Commissioning Assistance Grant: This grant helps Canadian musicians create new musical works. They’re given out as a way to help musicians compose music, record new music, go out on tour, and even for marketing and promotional support. Projects must be non-dramatic ("small-right") performances. Grants of up to $1,500 to Alberta qualified donees to promote music education through workshops, festivals, camps, and programs. Project Grants The New Music Creator Development Fund offers grants to individual music creators who need support to get to the next stage of their creative practice in the context of the challenging circumstances created by COVID-19. Touring: Provides support to Quebec-based artists who showcase their work through touring. Music Recording Production Fund: Grant money designed to support commercially and culturally relevant music made in the Manitoban music recording industry. If you’re a Canadian musician, one way to find funding is through the extensive network of grant programs that provide financial assistance for music projects. We also offer media coaching, image consulting and styling for music videos and photo shoots. The review dates are essentially a re-evaluation of total profiles in the FACTOR system and allow artists and applicants to move up or down in the ratings based on 17 different criteria as well as how you score in relation to other profiles in the system. Music Production and Presentation Projects: This grant funds Ontario-based artists, groups, and collectives who present original music. Create: Grant to help emerging and established artists create new work or develop works in progress. Unsure of your footing in the new digital marketplace? – Grow your music-based business such as label, management or promotions company. Grants are provided to SOCAN composers, writers, and music publishers across all genres of music to assist with travel-related costs for career-building or career-defining activities in Canada or abroad. Artist Development: This grant offers a small subsidy for artist development to help with recording, touring and showcasing, video production, and marketing. Extended Play (EP) Recording: TBA 4. Music Grants Canada was founded in Fall 2013 to support, sustain and advocate for independent music artists and companies in Canada and to address critical gaps in … We are not currently accepting new clients. Music education builds self-confidence, creativity, discipline and the ability to reconcile conflicting ideas. Grants & Grantees As a multidisciplinary grantmaker dedicated to fostering a vibrant community, the Center awards Project grants in Performance and Exhibitions & Public Interpretation and twelve annual Fellowships, which provide unrestricted grants to individual artists working in all disciplines. To get a music project off the ground, you’ll need to be creative in looking for ways to fund your music. Grants are available for Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have specialized training — though not necessarily in an academic setting — and are recognized as professionals by other artists in the field of practice. Driving the music economy by providing opportunities to further the careers of BC's music creatives & professionals. Promote your music on your own unique website. Beginning with a brief history and context of the Canadian grants scene, and moving on to choosing the right grant, writing compelling biographies and marketing plans, choosing the right songs and packaging and submitting your grant properly – this series of course will take you through the process step-by-step. The first course in the series is Grant Writing 101 – a primer for those brand-new […], Placed in Blogs, Free Resources, How-To, How-To, Resources, Tagged with ecourses, elearning, free resources, Grant writing. Grants are provided to organizations or individuals for educational initiatives that concern Canadian songwriters, composers, lyricists and music publishers. It was our pleasure to contribute a column to the May/June issue of nationally-distributed Canadian Musician magazine. The CMF has two main components: Individual Initiatives and Collective Initiatives. Placed in Blogs, FACTOR, Free Resources, Publishing, Tagged with Article, Canadian Musician, Funding, Music Industry, top 10 list, We are the #1 MUSIC,  MUSIC BUSINESS & MUSIC REFERENCE BOOK ON AMAZON.CA! Engage us to handle all the components of your next grant application, from start to finish, including profiles, submission and completion reporting. Completely integrated digital strategies that will amplify your brand and get you the exposure you desire. Placed in Blogs, FACTOR, Funding News, Tips, Tagged with arts funding, Canada, Competition, FACTOR, new guidelines, profile rating. It's unfortunate that the territory of Nunavut was left off of this list. This includes deadline dates and specific information on eligibility. Learn more about them below! Services are billed on a set project-based rate, usually in two installments. Touring Artist Fund: A grant that supports Yukon-based musicians with concert, festival, and showcase opportunities. Soutien à l'émergence: This program helps emerging musicians to develop their career in the music industry. He warns though that "these competitive awards are far from guaranteed." Marketing & Promotion: Grant funding to help NB-based artists and music industry professionals promote their projects. As a former member of the PPP production/admin team for 3 years, I have unparalleled experience and first-hand knowledge of how this program and its scoring system operates. Concert Music Education Grants: Deadline Sept 15/17. In 2013, Rebecca founded an independent music company specializing in funding, education and creative consulting called Music Grants Canada, and has been working ever since to apply the valuable knowledge, skills and experience to providing educational resources, management services and creative consulting to independent artists, companies and organizations all across Canada. We can write an engaging, professional biography for your artist or company. Showcase: Provides funding for showcase opportunities for NB-based artists. Music Grants Canada provides a variety of consulting and project services including: Skip the heavy lifting and let us track down the right grant for your next project. This includes recording projects, travel for performances, and any creative endeavour that supports the local talent and arts of Nunavut. Supplied in Excel format for you to add/edit your own submission info! When it comes to grants and funding opportunities, Canadian recording artists and music creators have it good. Thinking of applying for the PEAK Performance Project? 1. Buy it before December 31st and pay only $10.00 (regularly priced $14.77 on Amazon or $14 in the Music Grants Canada webstore). Live Performance: A grant that funds NB-based artists who tour domestically and internationally. Golden Ticket Program: A grant designed to help develop musicians and groups living and working in Prince Edward Island. Comprehensive Music Company: This funding program helps record labels and other music companies record, produce, and market full-length records for artists.