A fast-grower with delicate foliage & form. Fall color is vibrant shades of orange & red. Slow growing, small vase-shaped tree. We will replace product that is damaged or lost in transit. The bark is usually redder in winter compared to the salmon color of its more famous cousin ‘Sango kaku’. Buy this weeping Red Filigree Lace Japanese maple tree online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store! A classic red lace-leaf variety that reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size. A classic variety with nice color & form. Ben Kawa green leaf Japanese maple. dissectum) produce attractive foliage with a lacy appearance. The most common varieties found are Tamukeyama, Crimson Queen, Red Dragon, Inaba Shidare, and Garnet. Reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size. Reaches roughly 6’ X 8’ in size. The branch structure is also really beautiful. The red & green of the bi-color leaf makes the overall tree appear almost orange & gives it a very distinctive appearance. There’s a really interesting story behind this tree. Needs afternoon shade for best color. Japanese Maple Handbook Japanese Maples: The Complete Guide to Selection and Cultivation by J.D. This Japanese maple has a mature size of 6 to 8 feet tall and 8 to 12 feet wide. A vigorous grower that matures to form a beautiful, cascading, mound-shaped. Shop 2.25-gallon red laceleaf japanese maple feature tree in pot (l11472) in the trees section of Lowes.com Compare them below. The leaves emerge reddish orange & then become bronze-green for the summer. The award winning Tamukeyama lace leaf maple is a compact and hardy variety that is low maintenance. A vigorous grower with cascading branches and dark red bark that is covered with a white waxy covering, an identifying feature. However, a few cultivars like 'Seiryu' have lacy leaves and an upright growth habit! Thrives in a bright dappled shade setting elsewhere. "Offering Exceptional Trees to Build Inspiring Gardens". A strong growing maple with an upright habit which will eventually reach roughly 6' X 4'. Reaches roughly 3' X 4' in size. Acer palmatum dissectum 'Red Filigree Lace' is the red Japanese maple for you. It can easily reach 12 feet tall and wide in 15 years. Ever Red is a lace-leaf weeping tree that has a unique silver tint to new leaves. Stunning focal point or accent for lightly shaded locations. Reaches roughly 4’ X 6’ in size. Spring color is a variegated green to white changing to yellow & orange in the fall. Foliage holds beautiful deep red color throughout summer before dropping in fall. Autumn color is a vivid scarlet. Laceleaf weeping Japanese maple trees (Acer palmatum var. This delicate, shade loving tree can be planted in a natural grove of much larger trees to take advantage of the shelter the high canopy has to offer. Reaches roughly 4' X 6' in size. This captivating dwarf Japanese maple is a classic green lace-leaf variety. Reaches roughly 3’ X 6’ in size. Has nice green spring color & yellow to orange fall color. An excellent quality variety that has good coloring and a great weeping habit. Palmatum types are about 60% red or purple leafed, 30% green leafed and 10% other … Small ones of course, but still amazing deals. As the tree matures, the twisting and gnarling branches take on a fascinating “oriental look”. Tamukeyama maintains it's burgundy color in hot humid climates and resist scorching better than many other lace leafs. Fall color tends to be in dramatic fiery tones of red & orange. This maple is constantly changing with brilliant colors, so your landscape is never boring! I was amazed to see so many Japanese maples thriving so close to what we might consider a coastal climate. Baby Lace An interesting lace leaf maple that has leaves that are half the size of normal dissectum leaves. Buy Tamukeyama Japanese Maple online. The terminology is used interchangeably to describe the exact characteristics of each tree. Reaches roughly 4’ X 6’ in size. Has bright red spring coloring that changes to scarlet in the fall. They are the aristocrat of landscape trees. The most popular varieties of the dissected, or lace-leaf, Japanese maples are Crimson Queen and Tamukeyama. Reaches roughly 3' X 6' in size. One of that darkest lace-leafs. 3.4 out of 5 stars 36. They can be grown in the garden, in containers and of course they are ideal s… It is very ornamental with leaves being red-tipped in spring then gold fall color. A small & tidy variety that reaches roughly 3' X 4' in size. maple, but most people have neither the time nor the pruning skills to transform the lump they bought at the nursery into such a beauti-ful specimen. Most lace leaf varieties have weeping and twisting branches that form a dome shape if left to grow on their own. In spring, leaves emerge much more of a deep red than the burgundy color of most "red" Japanese Maples. Weeping Viridis Japanese Maple There is something healing that happens when two individuals connect with each other through a hug and it turns out that a similar feeling can also be obtained when we hug a tree…. The leaves have a pleasing pastel orange-green rust color to them. We are a retail garden center servicing our local communities & currently not able to ship our products. Spring coloring is a purple-red with fall foliage becoming a scarlet to bright apple red color. Noted for its reliability & distinctive foliage color. Color changes to a vivid scarlet in the fall. Japanese Maples and Evergreens specializes in Rare and Hard to find Japanese maple trees, conifers, evergreens, bamboo and wisteria and a few other specialty plants. The scientific name of Japanese weeping maples is Acer palmatum var. laceleaf maple—perhaps the best red color in any Japanese maple. Has a light green color in spring & In autumn the leaves turn bright orange with golden yellow undertones & crimson highlights. Reaches roughly 5’ X 8’ in size. These trees have a reputation for being hard to grow, but this is largely undeserved. Very nice lacy green dissectum that bronzes in the sun giving the maple lovely orange hues over a green base. Basically there are two varieties of Japanese maple. You can also stake up a leader branch and allow the secondary branches to weep down. Emerald Lace has leaves much smaller than other green laceleafs such as 'Waterfall' or 'Viridis'. Has pinky orange spring color & orange to red in fall. Spring color is orange, red & green. The weeping variety is both delicate and supple, bearing the lacy leaves on branches that bend gracefully toward the ground. Leaf color is a rich red-orange color similar to the gemstone, 'Garnet'. As a group lace leaf maples are sensitive to wind and hot afternoon sun, easily burning at the leaf tips, so careful placement is advised. Jan 17, 2015 - Explore Marie's board "Japanese Laceleaf Maples" on Pinterest. Fall color is red with orange. Seriously. Matt calls it the Mack truck of Japanese maples for its large size, strength and dependability. The leaves emerge reddish orange & then become bronze … Most lace-leaf Japanese maples have a somewhat open branch structure and mounding/weeping habit. In the spring, foliage emerges reddish-pink & summer displays red-green coloration. Deeply cut and dissected purple-red foliage throughout the spring & summer eventually changing to bright red & blended coloring in fall. Reaches roughly 5' X 5' in size. Reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size. Its small, deeply cut, dissected leaves are green in spring & yellow gold in fall. A bit of a larger green lace-leaf variety that displays exciting cascading branches. dissectum, of which there are several cultivars. There are several hundred varieties of Acer Palmatums (Japanese maples) and evergreens, with upright growers, lace leaf varieties that canopy, and many that are great for bonsai.