Octopus, chutoro, the best shrimp ever, and some Saba-like fish. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Welcome to Ishikawa Brewery which brews Tamajiman sake and Tamanomegumi beer ! Contents The dishes walk on the edge of simplicity, and yet there is something that makes you stop and contemplate. Near To Here: Kagurazaka Ishikawa is located in Tokyo's Shinjuku district. Anzahl: Meng March 4, 2017 Restaurant Reviews, Tokyo Review Score: 84 / 100. Ishikawa Tokyo I then walked across and had a peak inside of what I initially thought was a rubbish bin area for the apartment block. He is experienced in handling cross-border transactions and advising clients in the technology sector. Ishikawa’s tableware collection has been purchased through galleries or especially for the restaurant through conversations with the artists directly. When Hideki Ishikawa greets you with his warm and welcoming smile, standing behind the counter preparing food with meticulous precision, you would never believe that as a young adult he was poor at conversation and had no interest in the culinary world. © Kagurazaka Ishikawa is a 3-star Michelin restaurant serving Japanese Kaiseki food. Read customer reviews of Kagurazaka Ishikawa on TripAdvisor. Ishikawa Tokyo Notably, Ishikawa holds several decorated ceramics by the multi-talented artist Rosanjin, who was himself known as a gourmand. Kagurazaka Ishikawa is a three-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo you won't want to miss, both for the ambience and the delectable kaiseki cuisine! excellent Explore the best of Ishikawa's food – from popular classics like sushi, ramen, Wagyu, tonkatsu, teppanyaki and soba, through to its regional favourites like Kobe beef, Hiroshima okonomiyaki and Okinawan soul food. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Simmered, grilled, or seared, in crisp tempura, or the bare flesh of sashimi – every dish showcases both the quality of the produce and the chef’s incredible skills. The broad collection also includes jaw-dropping antique pieces from Ming Dynasty China; pieces from modern artists like Go Ikenishi; and Shino and Oribe ware by Emiko Takigawa characterized by thick white glazes with red scorch marks, and a green cooper glaze, respectively. One of the establishments which gained a three-star rating in the 2016's Michelin Guide to Japan's capital is the restaurant named "Ishikawa." In fact, the eventual motivation to become a chef came from a false assumption that the chef can stay safely in the kitchen, shielded from conversations with guests. Bisyabu Ishikawa, in Tokyo, crafts a delectable array of modern Japanese cuisine in its welcoming and charming restaurant. That’s the hook that brings guests back time and again. Ishikawa, Shinjuku: See 131 unbiased reviews of Ishikawa, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #31 of 9,900 restaurants in Shinjuku. 0. I have posted photos of all of my dishes on my Instagram @SeekingKallos This was an amazing meal. Ishikawa: Man took father’s corpse from hospital, kept it at home for 6 years By Tokyo Reporter Staff on December 21, 2020 ISHIKAWA (TR) – Ishikawa Prefectural Police have arrested a 54-year-old man for allegedly keeping the corpse of his father at … During design he thought deeply about the relationship between a dish and the food that would be served on it. Food: kaiseki Address: 5-37 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan Phone Number: +81 (0)3 5225 0173 Website: www.kagurazaka-ishikawa.co.jp Guide Michelin: 3 stars What I paid: 22867 Yen (about 162 € per person for the big tasting menu with water, sake and tea) Visited: March 14, 2014 Ishikawa (石かわ) is located behind the Bishamon shrine (temple) in a black wooden building (look for … At Sushi Ishikawa, there are just 24 seats, with 12 primo slots at the counter and the rest at tables with two menus offered, And Pham is going beyond raw fish — what’s served will change consistently, but expect the likes of black abalone with mushroom soup, hairy crab, and … INGREDIENTS Behind it stands a small maple which turns a similar shade of brilliant red come autumn, greeting you with a sense of the season before you even open the door. Refreshing and cooling dishes in summer make way for deliciously warming dishes in winter, with the perfect mix for all the seasons in between. The restaurant has four private rooms and can seat seven at the counter. The night of my Ishikawa experience was a rainy one in Tokyo. Kagurazaka Ishikawa. Chef Ishikawa enjoys the surprise of handmade pottery as you never know how it will turn out until it emerges from the kiln. The stone path has been purified with water for your arrival, according to Shinto traditions. With a beaming smile to welcome you, this three-star Michelin kaiseki cuisine is created from a place of great warmth and love. The 10-course tasting menu is a paean to the seasons: baby sweetfish the size of your pinky in summer, deep-fried croquettes made with sea turtle and lotus root in winter. Kagurazaka Ishikawa is a 3-star Michelin restaurant serving Japanese Kaiseki food. More Tokyo Restaurant Recommendations: Whether you are seated at the counter or in one of the private rooms seating up to six guests, you will find before you a ridged lacquerware tray with a soft white folded napkin and a pair of chopsticks. Ishikawa Takamura Building, 1st floor, 5-37 Kagurazaka Tokyo, Japan 162-0825 +81 (0)3 5225 0173 www.kagurazaka-ishikawa.co.jp (c) 2020 GOURMET-PORTAL GMBH - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This restaurant is permanently closed. Place52 Chef Ishikawa’s own career has been filled with hardship, but deep love for his staff and guests drives the passion that can be savored in every delicious bite. Bistro Ishikawa-tei serves lunch and dinner every day. Rome2rio makes travelling from Tokyo to Ishikawa easy. Bistro Ishikawa-tei is a bar and bistro that serves a wide range of cuisines from Japan and France. Just appropriate then to step back in time, and spend that other half of the day at Kagurazaka Ishikawa – one of Tokyo… Anzahl: Steeped in Japanese aesthetics and hospitality, Kagurazaka Ishikawa interlaces seasons, produce and space for a perfectly relaxing and memorable dinner. The setting may be simple but the dinner that follows will stay with you forever. The MICHELIN inspectors’ point of view, information on prices, types of cuisine and opening hours on the MICHELIN Guide's official website Enkaen is a chinese restaurant located at a 5 minute walk from … Ishikawa, Shinjuku: See 131 unbiased reviews of Ishikawa, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #30 of 9,891 restaurants in Shinjuku. Tokyo, Japan. This is the best place if you are looking for good food. TABLEALL. Since this was our only splurge meal of our Tokyo trip, we went with the ¥19,000. Sight in Tokyo Enkaen. We will help you. It is closer to Tokyo than Kyoto, making it menu It is a personal favorite of chef David Kinch.. In a sunken pond, brilliant red fish swim happily amongst stones and moss. ¥4,000. Restaurant Ishikawa in Tokyo is one of the finest restaurants in Japan. 5, 0.00 restaurant in the 2021 MICHELIN Guide Japan. Find all the transport options for your trip from Tokyo to Ishikawa right here. Kagurazaka Ishikawa: Impressive Kaiseki Cuisine in Kagurazaka, Tokyo Shinjuku. Koji Ishikawa is the Managing Shareholder of the Tokyo office and focuses his practice on corporate finance and capital market matters. Here he stands at his counter, and he appears to be in his element. Large glass windows softened by bamboo shades lead through to a wooden interior in a warm mix of black and pale varnished timber. #bestsushiiveeverhad A post shared by Terry Santamaria (@curvyboom) on Apr 8, 2016 at 9:00am PDT You can enjoy our Sake tour to see sake and beer brewery , and Japanese and Italian restaurants. first class, 18.00 By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Drawing on all his experiences, Ishikawa process the whirlwind of thoughts and creativity in his mind and settles them into cuisine with intense clarity. Kagurazaka Ishikawa – a Three MICHELIN Stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey! Bistro Ishikawa-tei is a popular location for meetings and parties. Adorned in dark calligraphy ink with the characters for ‘Kagurazaka Ishikawa’, traditional umbrellas hang ready to assist guests in the event of a downpour, the first of many touches showing that at Ishikawa, the customers comfort is paramount. A small alcove in the wall of the dining room holds a miniature shrine. I feel so lucky to have been able to get a seat at … The meal is completed with piping hot rice cooked with seasonal ingredients in an earthenware pot – the aromas and textures are such that almost no one can resist having seconds! The restaurant s dining area is spacious with tables and counter seating for guests. Restaurant. While Western influences have undoubtedly transformed the area into one of Tokyo’s chic locales, one just has to know where to look to re-immerse in centuries-old tradition. Tucked behind Bishamon Temple down a small street of Kagurazaka, turn from the narrow laneway to find a dark wooden passage. How can you be so surprised on the palate by something that appears like a dish you have had before? Ishikawa (until 1928) Ishikawadai Station ( 石川台駅 , Ishikawadai-eki ) is a railway station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line in Ota, Tokyo , Japan, operated by Tokyu Corporation . See our complete list of things to do in Shinjuku, including places to eat, nightlife and places to stay. Just some of the highlights from our AMAZING last-night-in-Tokyo dinner at Sushi Ishikawa. For 9 consecutive years, Tokyo City has been known as one of the dining capitals of the world. With the extremely huge number of restaurants located in Tokyo, it is no wonder why many foodies flock to this place. Make a reservation for Kagurazaka Ishikawa on OMAKASE. During preparation for the evening meal, he works sincerely but in a lighthearted manner, and you can almost imagine him whistling if no one was around. We also conduct an online shop for our sake and beer. He focuses on using familiar ingredients you may find anywhere in Japan, but puts his own special spin on it. Impeccable service, an exciting menu, and critical acclaim combine at Ishikawa Kagurazaka. Menu [Grilled dish] Aromatic char-grilled seasonal fish, garnished with local vegetables, presented exquisitely beyond preconceptions The photo shown is a Suzu caught Spanish mackerel sprinkled with Suzu salt, the skin finely incised with a knife, then char-grilled. Ishikawa prefecture is a small, thin prefecture on the western coast of the Honshu island, next to the Sea of Japan. All rights reserved. For a satisfying start to your meal, enjoy the oven fried whitefish with yuzu scented jelly and the veggies and tofu with tangy tomato dip. This three Michelin star restaurant is accessed via a stone path purified with water in accordance with Shinto traditions, at the end of which a pond glimmers with brilliant red fish and traditional umbrellas hang ready for guests’ use in the event of rain. Ishikawa | Restaurant Reservation Service in Japan - TABLEALL Did you have any questions about the gourmet club or so you need a restaurant recommendation? Tucked within one of the small side streets in the buzzing Kagurazaka district is Ishikawa, one of the more renown Kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo. Most of the pieces are a reflection of the forest greens, caramel browns, bold charcoal tones and sandy cream colors found in nature. Ishikawa sources all his ingredients locally. 2020 Ranking Japan, 19.67 This Michelin 3-starred traditional kaiseki restaurant offers a menu so seasonal it changes every day, prepared by friendly master chef Hideki Ishikawa. The price includes our booking fee of World ranking, Place4 Ishikawa specializes in Kaiseki cuisine and offers two different menus: one for ¥15,000 and a more expensive menu at ¥19,000 (both + 8% tax + 10% service charge). With playful touches on traditional Japanese cuisine, there is always a new twist to enjoy during dinner at Ishikawa. Kagurazaka Ishikawa is a Michelin 3-star kaiseki restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.It is owned and operated by chef Hideki Ishikawa. Reserve your seats for the top fine dining restaurants in Japan on OMAKASE. I spotted a tiny yet elegant garden area which was often found in a kaiseki restaurant. I stepped out of the cab and was immediately greeted by a hostess with an umbrella, who made every effort to shield me from the rain across the mere five foot divide between the car and the restaurant’s entrance.